Alliance Ventures

Our Services

A comprehensive spectrum of advisory and implementation services is available to clients that span several phases of typical operational activity during the life cycle of a partnership. Individual clients have used one, several or all of the service offerings, depending on their unique needs.

Examples of services have been grouped under the following partnership development phases, but a custom, or streamlined, fast-time service may be required and can be designed to fit a company’s needs:


  • Following further exploratories, development of a joint Memorandum of Understanding; collaborative negotiations
  • Joint (streamlined) partnership business plan
  • Joint 90-day tactical actions plan
  • Partnership performance metrics and monitoring procedure
  • As appropriate – written partnership agreement


  • Identification and initial analysis of qualified candidates
  • Prioritization of candidates
  • Candidate pipeline management system
  • Initial partnership exploratory discussions
  • Evaluation and selection of preferred partner candidates


  • Best practices in alliance development
  • Assessment of the appropriateness for a partnership-based growth strategy
  • Identification and sizing of the market opportunity, potential offering from the partnership, goals, competition, investment and returns, timeframe, internal commitment
  • Description of the needs from a partner, and what is offered to them
  • Selection criteria for a partner
  • Identification of the internal planning and implementation team
  • Readiness and operational integration assessment for partnering and execution capacity


  • Operational integration
  • Individual roles, training, metrics, incentives and evaluations
  • Communications and reporting protocol
  • Conflict resolution process
  • Continuous improvement process
  • Partner and market monitoring
  • Management commitment and support
  • Partnership mediation
  • Introduction of additional value-add partners