Alliance Ventures

Our Clients

Industries: Alliance Ventures has assisted clients in diverse industries, such as technology, media, manufacturing, telecommunications, recycling, public utilities, education, mining, technology distribution, agriculture, healthcare, food services and others. Diversity in industries served is due to the fact that the basics of successful partnering have proven similar among all industries. But the value to clients from Alliance Ventures’ diverse experience is that the lessons learned from diversity help enable fresh and objective innovation.

Purposes: Advisory and facilitation services have been provided to clients for partnerships with their top-tier customers, sales channels, competitors, suppliers, corporate investors, complementary service/product providers, and others.

Client Sizes: Alliance Ventures has assisted companies of all sizes (ranging from start-up and early stage, to mid-market ($200M - $1 billion), and up to $50 billion globals) in the USA, Asia and Europe.

A technology company client was assisted over 2 1/2 years, during which time global company partnerships were developed, and extensive corporate growth-related advisory support was provided. Ultimately, Alliance Ventures and the client approached one of the global partners introduced to them by Alliance Ventures, for a highly successful acquisition by the global.

A technology company client needed to develop a portfolio of 30 qualified partners urgently. Alliance Ventures facilitated the alliance strategy for the company, established the internal business processes for effective alliance management, screened for an alliance manager, and promptly secured the 30 business partners. One of the corporate partners (a public company), secured by Alliance Ventures, invested substantial equity capital, joined the board of directors, led collaborative technology development and co-marketing, and eventually acquired the client.

Examples: In addition to hundreds of companies participating in Alliance Ventures’ partnership-building workshops, client engagements include companies such as these examples: AT&T,TRW, NEC,Thompson Publishing, Continental Aluminum, Lexmark, MSD, Mid-South Manufacturing, Dover, Schott, MCSi.

On a carefully selective basis, Alliance Ventures has become deeply involved helping qualified, high potential businesses grow to the next level. For example: 

Originations: Complementary to their work with clients, Alliance Ventures originates their own partnerships. Alliance Ventures seeks situations where they are a partner in arrangements focused on unique market opportunities they identify. They then develop a strategic plan, recruit appropriate partners with the needed capabilities, and act as the overall facilitating and participating partner.